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Posture of the Month: Savasana

It’s the end of the standing series and now you can say, “Ahh… Savasana.”     For now,  just a couple of thoughts.   During the standing series we are opening our muscles, ligaments and skeletal system.  Now savasana gives us a chance to relax all the muscles that we have been stretching and moving.  This will get us ready to move deeper into the internal organs during the floor postures.   There is much much more that can and will be said about savasana.  We will go further in depth at the end of the floor series. One of the best ways to learn more about the postures is to come to class everyday and read Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class book.    Then,  you will “Make Your Body Smile!”

It’s a Boy (again!)

Ethan Nashir Kassam 02.07.16   9lbs 7oz   21 1/4”L Well, after a long 9 months, and an even longer 24 hours, Sheldon and I are so excited to welcome baby Ethan Nashir Kassam into this world and into our hearts! I have to say, I don’t think anything or anyone could have truly prepared me for childbirth, it was definitely the most difficult thing I have ever done. At times I honestly did not think I was even capable of getting through it, but of course within moments of seeing my little guy I knew it was worth it and that I would (and could) do it again. People have asked me if I think my yoga practice helped me throughout the labour process, and I have to say that in the moment, it didn’t really come into play, other than a few moments of reminding myself to breathe. Now that it has been a few weeks and I have had time to reflect, however, I do see the parallels between the two, even if it is just the realization that we are so much stronger and capable than we give ourselves credit for. As Bikram likes to say, […]

Nomad Yoga Family

BYV would like to welcome and share Jenna and Josh to our community from March 2-16th. Jenna and Josh are travelling through Vernon and during this time will be teaching at BYV. They have owned and operated Bikram Yoga Red Deer for the past 5 years until deciding to sell it to a couple of their most experienced teachers. They also sold their house and pretty much everything else they own to live in an overland RV and travel full time with their kids.  Jenna and Josh come with a long list of credentials and knowledge about yoga and this practice.  They are very excited to meet you all and share themselves with you.  To learn more about them and their journey visit https://nomadyogafamily.com/  

March Newsletter

Spring is here and change is in the air! Change is sometimes difficult to accept, but it is perhaps one of life’s most fascinating occurrences to witness and experience.  Regardless of the degree, change facilitates growth, allows us to evolve, and hopefully leads to transparent self-reflection.  One of the biggest changes I have been struggling with since Colter’s arrival is balancing home life and operating the studio; consequently, I have come to understand what the “real” struggle is for all of you as students.  Admittedly, I took practicing for granted as it was always available to me with realistically no other commitments to balance; however, for most of you, that balance may be career vs family, family vs volunteering, financial sustainability vs time… either way it is a struggle to find time for everything and, unfortunately, we can end up un-necessarily competing against ourselves.  As such, we want practicing at BYV to be part of the solution to the “real” struggle. The best investment you can make… is in YOU! As a new mom and studio owner, I am quickly realizing simplicity is the most effective way to achieve balance.  Consequently, we are going back to appreciating why we exist, […]

Posture of the Month: Toe Stand (Padangustasana)

Here we are now at the last posture of the standing series – Toe Stand.  Sometimes fear will rise as a new student when first learning this posture.  Once you realize though that there is nothing to fear, progress will happen very quickly. This posture is so great for the knees and hips.  Especially building strength in the knees – one of the hardest parts of the body to strengthen.  And for those that decide to learn the advance series of Bikram Yoga, this posture will help in lotus pose. To learn this posture, simply start in a standing position.  Find a spot three to four feet in front of you on the floor – and keep your focus on that one spot.   Bring your foot up like tree pose, keep your standing leg straight, then bend over until your hands touch the floor.  It is best to have your hands a little forward so you can put your weight in the hands.  With the weight on the hands begin to sit down on your heel as you balance on your toes.   Remember to keep looking on that one spot on the floor.  If you look in the mirror there […]

Star Student: Laura

“The only bad class you’ll have is the one you did not show up for.” ~BYV Teachers   BYV: How long have you been practicing Bikram yoga? LAURA: “5 months” BYV: Why did you start practicing? LAURA: “I wanted to lose weight and become more flexible.” BYV: Has that reason changed or evolved since first starting? LAURA: “Yes I still want to become more flexible but I am no longer so concerned with weight loss.” BYV: What inspired you to start taking class? LAURA: “I love the idea of healing from the inside out.” BYV: What benefits did you notice right away from practice? LAURA: “I felt a sense of peace and self acceptance I have never felt.” BYV: What long term benefits have you experienced? LAURA: “After the first month my doctor took me off of my blood pressure medication.”   BYV: What is that motivates you to get your toes on the line as frequently as possible? LAURA: “I know how fabulous I’m going to feel for the rest of the day!” BYV: Have you used Bikram‘s Yoga as a form of therapy or rehabilitation? LAURA: “For over 15 years I could not kneel without extreme pain, after 5 months of practice I can kneel without pain and no longer worry about having to have […]


New Year, New You! January has come to and end and with that we should all be back into our routines and grooving along. We all know how much you like a challenge! Better yet… You get to pick 30, 60 or 90. What’s it going to be?   30 day = 30 days of Yoga in a row… NO Breaks 60 day = 6 days of Yoga per week for 60 days 90 day = 5 days of Yoga per week for 90 days   Sign up today!   NEED HELP? Feeling challenged with the challenge and need an extra love nudge?  Recently we were asked if there is any yogi out there that needed an accountability partner…  If you have a hard time motivating yourself to get in to the room or you just want a yoga buddy, come talk to us and we will hook you up.  What a great way to inspire others, to meet new people and create a stronger yoga community!

It’s a boy!

It is with great joy that Clint and I would like to introduce our beautiful baby boy Colter.  Colter will be frequently joining me as I transition back to teaching and managing the studio; he is very much looking forward to meeting all the voices he heard over the past 9 months and I promise you will instantly fall in love! I know a lot of you have been asking and wondering if yogahad any impact during labour?  Did the practice help?  Was it anything like being in the torture chamber for 90 minutes?  Interestingly, some women have walked out of the room claiming class to be more difficult than giving birth or in some cases, analogous to.  So here is my take on all that:  They are definitely two completely different experiences, however, the true comparison is in the mind and how we control it or rather choose to control it.  In my experience, the key difference between child birth and our yoga practice relates to choice.  With child birth we simply do not have a choice, one way or another the baby is coming out so we are literally forced to go to that place in our minds […]

February Newsletter

2016 has started with a bang! The arrival of a new baby and another one on it’s way. It’s been such a treat having Adam Kopeck here visiting and teaching. And it’s amazing to see lots of new and old faces in the hot room. Not to mention the exciting launch of our very own app for your Apple or Android device! (See link below to download if you haven’t already.)   February is time for focus and keeping on track, lets buckle down and make those goals we have set into motion a reality. Now is the time to be stronger than ever, give it your all and commit whole heartedly! You have come this far, don’t look back, keep going! You can do it!! We are here to help. Become accountable to you, sign up for a challenge or book a private lesson. Take your practice to the next level and live your dreams! Back on board to help you conquer these goals is Adam Chipiuk. He is a master of his trade, fresh eyes in the hot room, and full of great tips that will further your practice. Check the schedule and be sure to get in for one of […]

Bikram Yoga Vernon App

Have the schedule right at your finger tips. Sign into Class. See who’s teaching. Check how many Perkville Points you have and redeem them as easy as 1-2-3. Purchase Yoga right from your device. Receive Push notifications from BYV and never miss out on exciting events again. Apple Store: Click Here  Google Play Store: Click Here Download the App today… It’s completely Free!